Behavior and Learning Intervention Services

Staff Training

Staff training is offered to providers, school staff, and daycare staff. Group trainings can be completed with group sized of 3 or more participants. 1:1 consultations can be provided to staff that have specific questions or concerns about an individual in their classrooms.

Group Staff Training

Group staff training is offered to groups of 3 or larger. All trainings will include a powerpoint presentation as well as time for questions. Specific topics may be requested but common topics include:

  • Understanding Challenging Behavior
  • Working with Children with Disabilities
  • Classroom Tips
  • Promoting Independence

1:1 Staff Training

1:1 consultation is provided to staff members who need general classroom tips or help developing a plan to aid a specific child in their classroom. All parties (school, parents, and teachers) must sign consent forms before services begin. Below are some common goals of 1:1 consultation.

  • Decreasing challenging behavior
    • Tantrums
    • Running away from the class room or specific activities
    • Aggression
  • Implementing a picture communication system
  • Implementing activity schedules